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Parc fermé

Parc fermé

Het parc fermé is een afgesloten parkeerplaats. Hier worden de racewagens na de kwalificatie geparkeerd omdat de race moet worden verreden in dezelfde set-up, er mag dus tussendoor niet meer aan de wagen worden gewerkt.

Ook na de race is het parc fermé in gebruik, zodat eventuele onregelmatigheden of klachten over een auto nog kunnen worden onderzocht.

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Door January op 25 oktober 2016

Short, sweet, to the point, FRa-eExEctly as information should be!

Door op 9 maart 2017

But not even Mandela could save this. Its to a point of he-say-she-say and “blah blah I’m not listening.” And Dan Gilbert clearly has and ulterior motive. Hell they were at least making progress before that “trust my gut” shit. This ain’t the time for a gut feeling, not when there’s money invoved. Gilbert is like that one aggin who won’t stfu about his ex, while claiming that he’s over her.Season gone, my banner dead.

Door op 9 maart 2017

There seems to be no middle ground when meeting someone you look up to. You are either elated with them or totally grossed out. It’s the same with popular musicians. I’ve met some like the members of Delirious and old school Big Tent Revival, and found out that i liked them more. There have been many more, unfortunately, that just gave me the willies. Excuse me, wiies, Adam.I would like to point out that I am elated with Jonalyn and yourself.Tyer, ha

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